Monday, May 24, 2010


Vanilla ice-cream!
(frozen on this picture)

Can you believe it?!! :-) That on this low-carb diet, you can actually eat ice cream, as part of the diet is high fat, and ice cream is made of cream - high in fat and protein - and eggs, and sweetener with no calories. Plus the flavor of your choice. Vanilla is a good choice, and vanilla contains no calories either.


0,5 liters cream (2 cups)
4-5 eggs
Sweetener (like Stevia, erythritol/Sukrin), about 1 cup
Flavor (vanilla, for instance, 1-2 teaspoons of vanillapowder)

Split the eggs, and whisk the egg-whites until stiff (or, just foamy works too). Whisk the cream with the sweetener, until it becomes stiff (whipped cream), and then add the egg yolks and the (vanilla) flavor. Then add the eggwhites. If you're making it to eat later in the evening, you can put it in 2 bowls (if you're 2 persons eating) and it's paobably done about 3 hours later. If you wait too long, it will be too hard to eat, so check it every half hour or so. Or, if you're making it for later and to keep in the freezer, I would recommend to put it in 4 smaller bowls, as you don't really need more than that per portion, it's pretty sweet. And in a smaller bowl it wouldn't take as long to soften. Take it out a little while before you're going to eat it, though, as it is harder than normal ice cream. If you want it for dessert after dinner, take it out when you cook dinner and let it sit and soften a little.

Here are some other ice cream recipes with ideas for different flavors (as allowed on low carb diet; you can use berries, or nuts, coffee, vanilla, dark chocolate 70% cocoa, ginger, green tea.. or mint!) (most of these recipes used only egg yolks, not egg white, and some don't use eggs at all, and some use yoghurt to make frozen yoghurt, so there's many different ways to make ice cream, however, my recipe above, I've made myself and thought tasted good):

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