Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LASAGNE! (Raw food based recipe)

Came across a raw food recipe of lasagne (was a bit skeptical, but oh, I'm a little hooked..!), that was soooo good, I started getting the cravings for it, and since I can't buy it anywhere as take out, and was a bit too lazy and in a hurry to make the whole recipe (you're supposed to make the two different sauces from scratch with herbs and spinach and stuff) - I just cheated a bit with the sauces, to make a QUICK DINNER, and didn't use all of the ingredients, just the essential ones, and it was just as good! 
(It tastes a lot more than it looks like too!) 

So, instead of making the sauces, I used tomato purée (just added some basil herbs) and green pesto. 

See below for ingredients, and you just add in layers, like you would a lasagne. 
Doesn't need cooking, just ready to eat! :-) 


Mushrooms, in slices (wash if you want, since not going to heat them, and dry off with some paper towel)
Squash / zucchini (use a cheese grader to make very thin slices, and use as lasagne plates)
Avocado (try to get somewhat slices, and spread out as a layer)
Onion (optional, in addition: garlic) (chop in small pieces and spread out as a layer)
Tomato purrée
Basil herbs
Pesto (green)
Salt & Pepper
Cheese (on top)

In addition, if you want (not necessary):
Cashew nuts (natural, non-salted) or almonds (chopped in very small pieces)
Chick peas

The Mushrooms are supposed to be marinated in olive oil, basil herbs, salt & pepper, and some lemon juice (or squeeze a piece of lemon over), but I forgot last time I made it, and didn't really notice a big difference, so you don't have to. There's alot of flavor (and oil) in the pesto sauce, so you could just put this on top of the mushrooms instead.  

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